Our Story

Lykke  /leur-kah/ (n.) A Danish word describing a state of  absolute happiness


Happiness comes from our community. In the coming together of people and moments, enjoying the small pleasures in life. In the smell of a morning coffee, in tasting a mouthwatering bite of food, in watching a loved one smile. Happiness is Lykke, and we are happiness. 

Inspired by the Danish notion of Lykke and the dream of creating a space that reflected this – Malcolm and Juliet (and of course their little Eloise) began the journey of Lykke. Neither venturing from the world of hospitality, they each brought with them a love for caffeine and a plant addiction. And then the community came together too. As each team member joined, they brought with them each of their own skills and expertise to build what Lykke is today.

Lykke is a love for Grey Roasting coffee, a fusion of Kiwi-Danish food, a little shop of homewares, indoor plants from Plants from Eden. 
Lykke is happiness in Hamilton.

Want to try our food?

Want to try our food?

Pop by for a coffee, meal or peruse our homeware

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MON–FRI 7am–3pm
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